Lilac Hills Ranch

Lilac Hills Ranch

Full Description

A neighborhood grounded in traditional small-town values embracing 21st Century design and sustainability. Lilac Hills Ranch is conveniently located to intersect with major transportation corridors and other existing infrastructure. It will showcase new design and technology, making it the
perfect place to grow smart and live green.

A multigenerational neighborhood promoting sustainability as a responsibility.

  • Lilac Hills Ranch will be a cutting edge green community, offering the latest in green technology and building practices.  Residential and commercial design will look to incorporate solar, recycled water, rain water harvesting, onsite composting, green building practices and sustainable housing components, maximum insulation, high efficiency water and electric devices.
  • Lilac Hills Ranch will offer a safe haven.  A combination of different housing types, a vibrant mix of commercial uses, a pedestrian-orientation, and inviting public spaces will encourage activity and create a tight knit community where neighbors watch out for each other.
  • Lilac Hills Ranch will also provide a protected neighborhood for mature adults to enjoy both a peaceful and active retirement.  Residents will be able to choose from recreational activities that include walking trails and park spaces, a lifestyle center/clubhouse for aerobics and weight training, tennis, or simply leading a life of leisure.
  • Lilac Hills Ranch will be built around a Town Center that encourages walking — not driving; designed around people, not cars — to give residents a small-town lifestyle with a traditional main street.
  • The rustic Town Center will offer sidewalk cafés and dining, modern retail and commercial amenities such as a grocery store, coffee shop, fruit stand and farmers market, family restaurants and doctors offices.
  • Lilac Hills Ranch has plans to provide top-quality neighborhood schools with the newest cutting-edge learning technology that will support local families and help bring the community together.
  • A focal point of the community may contain elements such as an Amphitheater, which will host festivals, musical performances, celebrations and community events.
  • Agriculture uses will be preserved throughout the community, integrating avocado and citrus trees within the common area landscaping.  Deep onsite wells and sustainable water recycling systems will result in sustainable farming practices for the enjoyment of all residents.
  • Homes will be designed around parks, picnic areas and ball fields designed to bring neighbors together — places were friendships and family memories will be created.
  • A commitment to conserve its natural setting — the streams, canyons and hills that make this area so unique.  Lilac Hills Ranch will offer miles of meandering multi-use trails accessible from each home that will connect residents with the surrounding natural environment.


Valley Center, CA

Phone Number

(858) 546-0700