Nu Energy Solutions LLC

Nu Energy Solutions LLC

Full Description

Nu Energy Solutions was founded in 1997 and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating . Edward Abdoney, CEO of Nu Energy Solutions,  provides clients with alternate energy suppliers, and ensures lower utility costs.

Many alternative companies use renewable energy or solar energy which is not only green, but less reliant on harsh natural gas prices. Some alternative companies offer fixed rates for a year or more, a great benefit compared to your old provider whose energy prices were creeping up. Licensed energy brokerages, such as Nu Energy Solutions, help customers uncover their options and get started on saving at no upfront cost.

Mr. Abdoney’s company offers considerable savings to business owners. Nu Energy Solutions specializes in commercial locations, but recently launched a residential customer program for business owners who have interest in saving at home as well as at work.

Nu Energy’s Platforms

• Alternative Energy Supply
• Energy bill review & audit services
• Guaranteed Efficiency & Optimization
• Renewable Energy, such as windmill and solar energy


5600 Monroe, Ste 203A Sylvania, Ohio 43560



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