SaveMe Batteries

SaveMe Batteries

Full Description

Buy ME full…

Purchase FULL SaveME batteries from our automated kiosk located inside the Bressi Ranch Shell Station Circle K at 2741 Gateway Road, El Fuerte St, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Use ME up…

Remove the power “Fresh” sticker on the bottom of the SaveME battery then replace your throw away batteries with higher performing, longer lasting, “refillable” SaveME batteries!

Exchange ME empty…

Doing the right thing for the environment has never been easier and more rewarding. When you have used up the energy in your SaveME batteries exchange them in the re-usable case for cash or credit at the Bressi Ranch Circle K. Each empty SaveME battery is worth $1.00 in store credit or cash refund.

SaveME money!

You CAN save money, have better batteries, AND be Eco-Friendly all at the same time. With SaveME batteries you pay only for the “energy” and not for throw away casings and packaging.

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