Shop for Profit

Shop for Profit

Full Description

Shop for Profit is an independently owned enterprise that specializes in i-Commerce. It’s a virtually no risk, highly flexible, business opportunity. Let us show you how to turn expenses you already have into investments by doing business with companies who will share their profits with you. Earn dividend type income as if you owned stock in these companies – companies with high quality, award winning products that help people live healthy, look great and are good for the planet!


Shop for Profit works best for people who want a long term economic solution but some just want extra cash. We’re not guessing anymore. Our system is based on observing 1000’s of successful companies for over 40 years. Become a part owner in worldwide enterprise with a financially stable, predictable, proven track record. Our largest growth markets are in North America, Latin America and China.


Do you believe you deserve quality living through the highest quality of goods and services at the best possible prices? I’m especially open to a discussion with sharp, business minded executives, entrepreneurs, college students, military personnel recently returning from their tour of duty and others in career transition such as recently retired or laid off teachers and law enforcement officers.



Phone Number

(619) 800 – TOMR / 8667